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Monday, March 8, 2010


I have started work on (really started some time ago) VSF ... initial plans were for 15mm but I'm not too sure now. I decided since I don't know anyone who is interested in VSF i would begin by scratch building some steam machines ... as this would involve little cost to myself.
I have struggled for some time, not being the best modeler, with what exactly to make. I settled for the following ... attempts at ships, submarines, flying vessels (mainly balloon-based machines) and war-walkers. I spent quite a while making the ships but I must say I wasn't too pleased with the results.
The war-walkers have come up the best and I've included a couple of pictures of some mostly finished war walkers. I have also made a couple of airships and I'm pretty pleased with one of the designs ... images to follow soon.
My only rules in making these machines were that they be very cheap and not take up half my entire life to make. I have seen some lovely VSF models on the net but am also aware these must have taken quite a bit more effort than I think i am ready to do just yet.

I have a large image of my best war-walker to date above and below is the rest of the force. I have made two war-walkers and a walker troop transport. I still need to add some trimmings before these are completed but i am quite happy with the force so far. I will have to go back to the drawing board with the boats ... balsa is out and am trying foam-core (or card) now.

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