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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seven Years Wargame

The traditional arrivals once again lined up for battle. It was late in the summer of 1759 and the Prussians had consolidated their earlier gains of the year and were just about to settle down and wait for the campaigning season to end. However, the Austrian commander, Colleredo, had other plans. Before significant Prussian re-enforcements could arrive he decided to hurl his forces against the blue walls and force them to march back to Silesia being harried by hussars as they retreated.

That was the plan anyway. The Austrian troops were marshaled in depth to press against the Prussians who, for once, did not advance to meet the Austrians. The Prussian commander, Winterfelt, seemed uncertain perhaps because of his small number of units. He also tried to rely on the Austrian commands being unable to fully co-ordinate an attack due to poor command dice. As things worked out, it was a good gamble.

The Prussian cannon reduced the strength of some of their foremost units and the Prussian musketry accounted for many others when the gaps between the lines closed. The Prussians shielded their wings by good use of the woods on the table. A small creek also prevented free movement of the Austrians around the Prussian flanks.

Without the use of their superior numbers, the Austrians were given a very tough time by the Prussians. Collerado's plan did not come to fruition and the Prussians not only made firm their hold on valuable supply depots and their winter quarters (including some excellent grazing land for their horses) but also gained many recruits from the Protestant elements of a well beaten Austrian force.

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